Superman: Brandon Routh to return

Contrary to earlier reports, it could be that Brandon Routh may be playing Superman for a second time...

When will Superman return? And who will be Superman?

With all the umming and aahing about the future direction of the Superman franchise, which is effectively going to result in another reboot, it was getting to the point where it was all but assumed the Man of Steel himself would be recast. Even the detractors of Superman Returns – and there are many, not including this writer –would surely struggle to say that Routh was at the heart of the film’s most contentious problems, and while perhaps he tried too hard to do a Christopher Reeve impression, he was sound in the role.

For the upcoming Superman feature, which is now more likely to appear in 2012 rather than 2011, Latino Review is now reporting from that DC Comics President Paul Levitz is saying that Routh will get another chance to pull on the infamous tights. The site further reports that Routh was discussing the role with the firm as recently as last week.

So what’s the hold up? Christopher Nolan, apparently. Warner Bros is waiting for Nolan to sign up to a third Batman film, and will then schedule it accordingly. Only when that’s in place will the studio greenlight and fit in the further adventures of Superman.

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