Supergirl’s New Superman Tyler Hoechlin Circles Sci-Fi Film The Domestics

Tyler Hoechlin, Superman on TV’s Supergirl, is in talks to join Kate Bosworth in the sci-fi film The Domestics.

Actor Tyler Hoechlin has certainly seen his stock soar (like a bird or a plane) in recent months in the aftermath of landing the colossal Kryptonian role of Superman on (The CW’s) Supergirl television series. While the actor’s first big break in the entertainment industry came when he landed the prominent child role of Michael Sullivan Jr. opposite Tom Hanks (playing his character’s son,) in the 2002 film Road to Perdition, it seems that 2016 post-Supergirl momentum has landed him a co-lead role – opposite a former Lois Lane – in a major sci-fi film.

According to Deadline, MGM is developing a sci-fi film called The Domestics, which appears to be on the cusp of culling its primary co-stars Straight Outta Metropolis. Tyler Hoechlin, who debuts as Clark Kent/Superman on the October 10 Season 2 premiere of Supergirl, and well-known big screen starlet Kate Bosworth are reportedly in negotiations to headline a film project that is being described as a post-apocalyptic thriller.

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The Domestics will be the scriptwriting and directorial product of Mike P. Nelson (NOT the MST3K guy). While Nelson has banked a handful of short films over the past 12 years along with several foley artist gigs, he will be coming into this project with limited feature film experience, having only directed the unrated 2006 horror film Summer School along with his work on the 2015 comedy television series Studio Luma.

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According to the plot description, The Domestics will be set in the desiccated remnants of civilization that is apparently nothing more than a “futuristic wasteland.” Within an especially blighted rural area, the film’s central characters (presumably the titular “Domestics,”) attempt a perilous journey to find a new home, prospectively encountering a variety of threats such as the various gangs who roam and pillage the area during the process.  

For the former Road to Perdition standout Hoechlin, The Domestic represents the latest in a string of nabbed film roles after spending the last decade fielding sporadic television roles and notably co-starring on Teen Wolf, and 7th Heaven. He’s already shot the comedic TV movie The Sticks, action thriller Stratton opposite Dominic Cooper and Tom Felton, as well as the comedy film Melvin Smarty.

For Bosworth, who memorably made a big-screen surf splash in 2002’s Blue Crush, the actress remains diligent with recent film roles in Still Alice and 2015 Filipino release Heist opposite Robert De Niro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. She also stars on Crackle’s show The Art of More and will star in the upcoming WWII-set detective mini-series SS-GB. However, her past role as the classic love interest Lois Lane opposite Brandon Routh’s Superman in Bryan Singer’s 2006 tentpole attempt Superman Returns yields some potentially prescient, serendipitous casting opposite the new small screen Superman Hoechlin in The Domestics.

It will be interesting to see how this surreal mix of Superman stars develops as The Domestics production progresses.