Strip Nude for Your Killer DVD review

It's not for everyone, but Matt finds much to admire in this 1970s Italian giallo movie...

Strip Nude For Your Killer

When reviewing Strip Nude for Your Killer I found myself faced with two problems. The first was that I was concerned about coming across as a sexual deviant, given my enthusiasm for the film and its subject matter. The second was that I wouldn’t necessarily expect many people to enjoy it as much as I did. To cover the second I’ll just tell you about the film and try to explain why I liked it (review it, if you will). I mulled over the first problem whilst perusing smut shops in Soho yesterday but wasn’t able to come up with anything. I did find a rather nifty new gas mask, but that’s another article for another time.

There are two major things that go on in Strip Nude for Your Killer: stripping nude and killing. They’re strung together with some kind of plot, but they do seem to be the agenda of the day here.

Strip Nude for Your Killer is an Italian giallo film from the 70s. The sexual encounters that everyone in a small modelling agency seems to be having with one another are interrupted when a mysterious killer starts slaughtering them one at a time. Sometimes when they’re nude. The agency’s top photographer, Carlo, and his assistant Magda (Edwige Fenech, who recently popped up in Hostel 2) must find out who the killer is before they suffer a similar fate to their colleagues.

Whilst the film plays out like a fairly standard giallo, it does feature some well above average cinematography. In fact, it looks terrific. The long takes with complicated camera moves highlight just how lazily made many modern horror movies are. The film also manages to get by with relatively little gore, instead cranking up the tension with clever camera-work and excellent sound design.

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However, Strip Nude for Your Killer does suffer from many of the same flaws as others in its genre. The dubbing is awful, the acting is poor and the plot is messy. Plus, if you’re not particularly interested in seeing a whole lot of stunning women swanning around naked for no apparent reason then you’re unlikely to enjoy the film. Many fans of the genre have grown to love these aspects of the films, though, particularly the nudity part, so take from these ‘criticisms’ what you will.

The one genuine disappointment in Strip Nude for Your Killer is the ending. Several suspects are set up and then knocked off, effectively building up the intrigue. The big reveal in the end is a real anti-climax. We’re not talking a let down of Saw-sequel proportions, but it’s still a shame to end the movie on a low point.

Like many of Shameless’ releases, what we have here is an example of what could be described as fetish cinema. It’s not for everyone, but if you are into it, you’re likely to really enjoy this. Strip Nude for Your Killer is a tense and enjoyable ‘whodunnit’ which is ahead of the curve by way of some great photography and a fun, if confusing, plot.

Extras We get the trailer for the film, a selection of trailers of other Shameless releases and a cool reversible sleeve.


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4 out of 5