Story of Noah could be Darren Aronofsky’s next film, starring Christian Bale

Following the success of Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky’s next film could be the story of Noah, with a lead role for Christian Bale…

Whatever the subject matter, whether it’s wrestling, ballet dancers or drug addiction, director Darren Aronofsky always manages to add a potent air of operatic drama. Even his low-budget debut feature, Pi, was full of intensity and paranoid melodrama, and that was a film largely about maths.

Aronofsky’s been working on a big-screen version of the biblical story of Noah for several years now, and we can only guess at the bizarre and deadly serious things he has in mind for this tale of giant boat building. At any rate, we’re pretty sure it won’t feature the song The Animals Went In Two By Two.

Anyway, Slash Film has the latest developments on the Noah project, and the word is that Christian Bale is in talks to appear in the film. Given Bale’s star quality, it’s not a stretch to suggest that, if he agrees to it, he’ll be in the lead role of Noah.

Aronofsky certainly needs a star of Bale’s magnitude aboard to secure funding. He apparently wants somewhere in the region of $130 million to make the film, the kind of sum that requires a big name if a studio’s going to invest such a significant sum of money. Still, Aronofsky has already found half of the cash from a co-financer, New Regency, and there are reportedly three studios (Paramount, Summit and Fox) who may be interested in stumping up the rest.

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If Aronofsky does secure funding for Noah, expect an apocalyptic film with lots of animals, storms, and Christian Bale partially obscured by an enormous beard. Let the boat building commence.