Stephen King’s It being remade

Stephen King’s It is a huge book. It was a three hour miniseries. And it’s shortly to be a two hour movie, too…

Stephen King's It

One night, when my parents were out, the teenage version of me got in a pizza, a couple of (clearly non-alcoholic drinks), and settled down with a video of Stephen King’s It. I had no idea that it was three hours long – it’s taught me to check running times in advance – and had no idea of its US miniseries roots. I just knew that it looked a bit creepy.

I’ve never had the fear of clowns that some of my friends suffer from, but Tim Curry as Pennywise scared the wits out of me, temporarily. Okay, by the time it all got to the ridiculous ending, I couldn’t have given much of a monkey’s about it, but for the first two hours or so, I think It was a really good, and creepy, piece of work.

Clearly, some executive at Warner Bros had the same night I had, although probably with a different flavour pizza. Mine was horrible, if memory serves (homemade, if you’re interested, and it taught me that people far more qualified than I am can make pizzas for you instead). Because the studio is in the process of doing a big screen adaptation of the film.

It’s hired Dave Kajganich to try and turn the mammoth novel into a two hour screenplay. Kajganich previously scribed the Daniel Craig-Nicole Kidman take on The Invasion.

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It’s a tough job he’s got, given just how many strands have to be compacted in, and we suspect that a final movie product is a good two years away at the earliest. It might, may we suggest, be worth Warner Bros giving Tim Curry a ring, though. He nailed it…