Starblazers Movie Sets Forth With New Screenwriter

The cult anime classic is heading to the big screen and we've got the details.

The Starblazers are off to outer space, they’re leaving mother earth, to save the human race on film! One of the leading anime series credited with sparking the anime fan community in America is heading to the big screen thanks to Skydance Productions.

The movie will be written by Zach Dean, who is best known for the independent crime-thriller Deadfall which starred Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, and Charlie Hunnam. 

Six years ago Skydance Productions picked up the rights to the classic anime series with Christopher McQuarrie attached to write, direct, and co-produce but nothing much had been heard since. Well according to Skydance Media CEO David Ellison the project is alive and well and could be McQuarrie’s next movie after Mission: Impossible. 

“Chris has been working on the film for a long time,” Ellison told LRM Online. “It’s something that we’ve loved and been passionate about for years. The script is being written, literally, as we speak, and we want there to be a completed screenplay once Christopher McQuarrie finishes Mission: Impossible.”

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Starblazers originally came out in Japan as Space Battleship Yamato and was dubbed for American audiences in the ’70s. The plot involved the starship Argo, converted from an old battleship, setting off to fight against the evil Gamilion with a time limit of one year to save Earth.

While it only had three seasons, the show has had a long afterlife with various comics and sequel shows released, including a live action Space Battleship Yamato film that debuted in Japan in 2010.

More on the Starblazers movie as we hear it.

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