Star Wars Standalone Movies Still Happening

Despite earlier reports, Lucasfilm is apparently still working on the Boba Fett movie, although production could be "scaled down."

There are “multiple” unannounced Star Wars movies in development, Lucasfilm revealed in a statement to ABC in response to an earlier report by Collider, which claimed that the studio had put future Star Wars Story films on hold after Solo bombed at the box office. Lucasfilm, which called Collider’s report “inaccurate,” confirmed that its unannounced projects are separate from the upcoming trilogy being developed by Rian Johnson and the series of films from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

The studio did not go as far as to confirm that the Boba Fett movie, which will reportedly be written by James Mangold (Logan) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Dark Phoenix) and directed by Mangold, is still in the works. A separate report from THR does suggest that the Boba Fett project is still on, although Lucasfilm is rethinking how to make and market the movie, which might be “scaled down” in the wake of Solo‘s big-budget failure. The thinking is that the bounty hunter isn’t as popular as the scoundrel, which might not justify the event film approach for Boba. 

On top of Boba Fett, Lucasfilm was also reportedly developing an Obi-Wan film with Stephen Daldry (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) as director, but the status of that movie is unclear at this time. The only Star Wars movie firmly on the docket for Lucasfilm is Episode IX, which is set to begin filming sometime this summer and is out on Dec. 20, 2019. 

Even with this statement from Lucasfilm, it’s not that hard to believe Collider’s report, especially after the rough opening month Solo had at the box office. Only the second Star Wars spinoff film, Solo has made $341.9 million worldwide in its first four weeks. (It’s four-day opening weekend only brought in $103 million.) That’s pretty decent for a normal blockbuster but we’re talking about the multi-billion dollar Star Wars franchise. For comparison, Rogue One made $424 million four weeks in and went on to make a little over $1 billion total. At this point, it’s not expected that Solo will do anywhere near that sort of business. 

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It doesn’t help that Solo was in a tough spot even before the film dropped on May 25. Not only did it hit theaters just weeks after the release of major blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, but it also came mere months after the critically acclaimed but ultimately divisive The Last Jedi. Unlike the first three Disney Star Wars films, Solo occupied a traditional May summer slot, and one so close to two other movies that so obviously overshadowed it.

Would Solo have performed better if it had been given a December slot like the other films and therefore given itself a bit of breathing room? As our very own David Crow put it, perhaps Solo was ultimately an experiment to see if Star Wars could emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe by releasing films more often and closer together. It seems that Lucasfilm has its answer. At the very least, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Solo 2 any time soon.

But fans shouldn’t fear. There is still plenty of big-screen Star Wars on the way. You can find the full release calendar here. We’ll keep you updated on both Boba Fett and Obi-Wan as well as all of the “unannounced” Star Wars projects as we learn more!