Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Solo, Forces of Destiny, Last Shot

The hosts of our Star Wars podcast critique Solo: A Star Wars Story and a couple of the recent expanded universe novels.

Solo has arrived, and we have mixed feelings. On this episode of Blaster Canon, the Star Wars expanded universe podcast, Paul, Megan and Saf break down the new film and some of its more controversial story decisions. What does Solo’s box office performance mean for the future of the anthology films? Do Solo’s strengths outweigh the flaws? The movie comes with plenty of references, deep cuts, and surprising cameos from other Star Wars stories, so we have plenty of excitement about both canon and Legends.

In the world of tie-in stories, the latest episode of season four of Forces of Destiny brings together Qi’Ra and some fan favorite scoundrels. Forces of Destiny continues to provide quick looks into the lives of many female characters. We’ll talk about what it means for Solo. An update with information we have learned since we recorded: Qi’ra is played in Forces of Destiny by Olivia Hack.

Also out now is the novel Last Shot, which take place over three different time periods and tells the stories of Han, Lando, and L3-37. The book offers a slightly different look at L3’s droids’ rights campaign. For a complete review, stay tuned.

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