Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Resistance, Solo Novelization, Thrawn Alliances

The hosts of our Star Wars podcast talk about the forthcoming animation project, Resistance, and dive deeper into Thrawn Alliances.

Each month, the hosts of our Star Wars podcast, Megan, Paul, and Saf, take on the latest topics in the Expanded Universe, on television, and in the theater on Star Wars Blaster Canon.

Star Wars Resistance is about to change the world of Star Wars animation, and on this episode of Blaster Canon we break down the latest trailer and lay down some expectations for the Sequel Trilogy-era story. Resistance brings flashy racing starships and brand new characters, and we’ve already claimed some favorites.

This week, Paul also reviews the current Darth Vader comics and talks about how much they’ve added to the story of the Sith Lord.  After some brief conversion about Star Wars reference guides (particularly The Rebel Files), we zoom into the novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

For our main topic we return to the galaxy’s premiere blue strategist with Thrawn Alliances, the latest novel from heavy hitter Timothy Zahn. Alliances brought the Clone Wars-era characters back to the screen with a focus on Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. We break down how Zahn built on the sometimes inconsistent characterization Padmé had in the Prequels to make her a compelling point of view in the novel as she works on her mission.

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Timecodes:2:15 – Resistance trailer22:00 – Darth Vader comics29:00 – Reference guides38:00 – Solo Novel adaptation43:00 – Thrawn Alliances