Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Luke and Rey in The Last Jedi, Donald Glover, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

There's plenty of Star Wars news to share in the latest Blaster Canon podcast, and the hosts break down the Battlefront II tie-in novel.

The Star Wars hype machine is up and running at light speed as The Last Jedi approaches, so the Blaster Canon crew has a lot to talk about in the August episode. Entertainment Weekly’s articles reveal new in-depth conversations with Mark Hamill and other The Last Jedi stars about Luke, Rey, and the Force, while Donald Glover steps into big shoes as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo standalone. What does it mean to bring “balance” to the Force, and why has Luke traveled to a distant island in order to do it?

We also touch on Marvel’s Star Wars comics and the novel Phasma before reaching our main topic, the Battlefront II tie-in novel Inferno Squad. How well does the book characterize the Imperial agents we’ll be playing in the game later this year? The book follows Iden Versio and her squad into an undercover mission against the Partisans, and we generally liked its portrayal of a less black-and-white Star Wars universe.

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Obi-Wan standalone rumors – 1:00Rey’s lineage in The Last Jedi – 10:44Luke in The Last Jedi – 16:00Phasma novel blurb – 26:23Donald Glover interview in THR – 32:19Inferno Squad – 41:30