Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Discussing the Expanded Universe

Hosts Megan, Paul, and Saf share their thoughts about everything Star Wars related, from movies and TV to novels and comics.

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There’s always something going on in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, whether it be production news from the set of the next movie or excerpts from an upcoming novel. Blaster Canon is a podcast designed to introduce and analyze everything from trailers to comic titles, and the hosts of the program, Megan Crouse, Paul Hermann, and Saf Banner are the experts you can rely on to find the best of the best in the SWEU.

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Star Wars Blaster Canon 2017: Latest Episode

Star Wars Blaster Canon 13: Episode IX News, Comics, Phasma Novel

JJ as new Episode IX director – 0.50Brief Princess of Alderaan talk – 13:25Star Wars comics reviews – 16:00Phasma – 30:00

Star Wars Blaster Canon 12: Luke & Rey – The Last Jedi, Donald Glover, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

Obi-Wan standalone rumors – 1:00Rey’s lineage in The Last Jedi – 10:44Luke in The Last Jedi – 16:00Phasma novel blurb – 26:23Donald Glover interview in THR – 32:19Inferno Squad – 41:30

Star Wars Blaster Canon 11: Forces of Destiny, The Last Jedi BTS, SDCC Book News

The Last Jedi Behind-the-Scenes – 1:00Star Wars Land – 29:48SDCC Book News – 44:17Forces of Destiny – 1:01:28

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Star Wars Blaster Canon 10: Rebels Season 3, Han Solo Movie News, Battlefront II

Han Solo Movie News – 0:58Books We’re Reading – 22:24Battlefront II – 28:32Star Wars Rebels Season 3 – 36:31

Star Wars Blaster Canon 9: The Last Jedi Set News, Del Rey & Disney Books

The Last Jedi Phots and News – 3:22Del Rey and Disney Books – 33:29

Star Wars Blaster Canon 8: The Last Jedi Trailer, Forces of Destiny, Rebels

Celebration Orlando 2017 – 1:29The Last Jedi Trailer – 5:24Battlefront II Trailer and Tie-In Novel – 35:50The Forces of Destiny Cartoon, Toys, and Books – 46:28Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi & Other Books – 53:47Star Wars Rebels Discussion – 1:07:05

Star Wars Blaster Canon 7: Inferno Squad, Thrawn, Aftermath: Empire’s End

Star Wars Rebels News & Discussion – 3:33Inferno Squad by Christie Golden – 9:52Thrawn by Timothy Zahn – 16:57Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig – 23:45

Star Wars Blaster Canon 2016

Star Wars Blaster Canon 6: Rogue One

Rogue One Discussion – 2:11

Star Wars Blaster Canon 5: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Aftermath: Life Debt

Grand Admiral Thrawn in Rebels – 1:23Catalyst by James Luceno – 26:53Rogue One (Novelization) by Alexander Freed – 31:20Black Series Figures – 40:13Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig (spoiler-free) – 42:21Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig (w/spoilers) – 52:50

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Star Wars Blaster Canon 4: Marvel’s Main Series Comics

Rogue One News – 1:00Marvel’s Star Wars Main Main Series Comics – 45:26

Star Wars Blaster Canon 3: Darth Vader Comic, Bloodline

Episode 8 News – 0:38Celebration Orlando 2016 – 3:31Darth Vader Comic – 9:44Bloodline by Claudia Gray (spoiler-free) – 20:41Bloodline by Claudia Gray (w/spoilers) – 34:49

Star Wars Blaster Canon 2: Rogue One Trailer, Rebels Season 2 Finale

Rogue One Trailer – 1:02Poe Dameron Comic – 25:08Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig – 33:34Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale – 38:39

Star Wars Blaster Canon 1: Expanded Universe News, Before the Awakening

Introductions: What We Love About Star Wars – 1:15Expanded Universe News – 9:21Rogue One News – 25:29Han Solo Comic – 35:50Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka – 41:11