Star Trek: next film set for 2011?

Star Trek finally returns to the big screen next month: but work is already afoot on the reboot’s sequel…

The new faces of Star Trek...

As JJ Abrams’ eagerly-awaited Star Trek film gets set for its world premiere, word has emerged as to when we can expect the follow up to it.

It’s little secret that members of the cast have been signed up for three films, although we still suspect that Paramount is a little cautious about fully committing to a second film before it’s got an indication of the gross for the first. That said, it’s taken the pragmatic approach, and hired Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof (only the latter wasn’t involved in writing the franchise reboot) to get working on a screenplay to the sequel.

As of now, Variety is reporting that JJ Abrams is attached to the film as a producer, although there’s been no confirmation as to whether he’ll be directing or not. The plan right now is to get a screenplay finished for Christmas, so the ins and outs of the rest of the film are likely to start falling into place then. That should leave the path clear for a 2011 release of the next film.

Furthermore, there are no clues as of yet as to potential story options. Alex Kurtzman is quoted in the Variety piece as saying, “Obviously we discussed ideas, but we are waiting to see how audiences respond next month. With a franchise rebirth, the first movie has to be about origin. But with a second, you have the opportunity to explore incredibly exciting things. We’ll be ambitious about what we’ll do.”

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You can find the Variety story here.