Star Trek movies on Blu-ray

Star Trek makes its way to high definition, with news of the first six films and the original series heading to Blu-ray…

The original Star Trek crew

There’s been some speculation over the past few months as to the potential of a clutch of Star Trek movies being released in high definition, to tie into the upcoming big screen reboot of the franchise. And over at The Digital Bits, the good folks there have got some solid information about what can be expected in the US, that should – with one caveat that we’re coming to – be replicated in the UK.

The plan is for, in May, the first six films be released on Blu-ray (which covers, as you probably know, the original Kirk and Spock-headed adventures). The further four films are likely to follow in one go as well, but we wonder whether they’ll be held back for the DVD release of JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek movie.

Interestingly, Star Trek VI is being presented in its cinematic cut, which we weren’t aware, but has never been available on a home entertainment source before. Likewise, the theatrical cut of the first film has never made it even to DVD (you’ll have to dig out a VHS or laserdisc for that), but will be present and correct on the Blu-ray.

Furthermore, the first series of Star Trek: The Original Series is likely to be released in May as well, although the UK release of that is less certain.

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What’s causing some confusion over the release of the films is the report from Norway that, over there, a box set of the first three films is coming out, along with an individual release of Star Trek IV and Star Trek VI. Where that leaves The Final Frontier – although we suspect many of you have suggestions for where it should be left – is unclear, but until we get official confirmation one way or the other, we suspect we’ll be following the US release pattern over here. And, if all else fails, Paramount US’s Blu-ray releases are region free anyway…

Here’s the story at The Digital Bits.


26 January 2009