Stallone hints Expendables sequel details, confirms Director’s Cut

Fans of The Expendables are in for a treat, as sequel hints arrive, and news of an extended DVD surfaces too…

It’s hardly surprising given that the film is on its way to $200m worldwide in box office takings, but Sylvester Stallone has nonetheless begun teasing a sequel to The Expendables using his new Twitter feed.

It’s been pretty much confirmed that The Expendables 2 is in the works since the first film’s opening weekend numbers, and the first rumour was that the new movie would see Sly’s crew facing up against Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. However, and appreciating we’re filling in a few gaps here, Stallone has now admitted that his attention is on Bruce Willis. Sly wrote on Twitter that “Had dinner with Bruce Willis. I want him in ‘Expendables 2’ as a super villain”, which sounds like a mighty fine idea to us.

Furthermore, Stallone also said, “I am thinking what would be the most dangerous places in the world to set the sequel?” Given that he made up a fictional location for the first movie, we’re guessing this might not be the toughest conundrum he faces when penning the new script.

For those yearning for more of the first movie, though, there’s good news at hand. Stallone has revealed that he’s working on a director’s cut of the movie, which he says will be out in around six months. Presumably, we’ll get the cinematic cut this side of Christmas, and a second release next year.

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He’s also revealed that we’ll be getting the documentary Inferno: The Making Of The Expendables, which we’re guessing will turn up on the first DVD. This is “hardcore” he tells us, and will include the scene where Stone Cold Steve Austin did damage to Stallone’s neck.

Stallone’s Twitter feed can be found here, and we’ll keep you posted when we know more!