Spot the Alien Cat on the Captain Marvel Poster

The first official poster for Captain Marvel hides the film’s real star

The first trailer for Captain Marvel landed yesterday and everyone started talking about how young Samuel L. Jackson looked, how much they missed Blockbuster Video and how mean Brie Larson was to punch that old woman. In fact, we have a complete breakdown of everything you might have missed in the trailer right here.

But the one thing everyone missed was the film’s real star – hiding in plain sight on the official poster.  

Zoom into the bottom left corner, below the door, and you’ll see what looks like a cat’s bum. In fact, it’s a Flerken’s bum – belonging to Chewie, the alien cat that Carol Danvers carries with her in the comics. 

First appearing in Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1 (April 2006), Chewie has already had quite a history – leaving Earth, scrapping with Rocket Raccoon, and laying 117 eggs that hatched into a new alien kitten race. 

Whilst he looks a lot like a regular cat, Chewie is actually a Flerken. The Flerken have the ability to shoot tentacles out of their mouths and hide miniature pocket realities of contained space and time inside their bodies. 

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Chewie didn’t show up in the trailer but his place on the poster suggests that he’s going to have some kind of role in the film. Will we get to see him shooting giant tentacles out of his mouth as he fights off Ben Mendelsohn, or will he just wander around a bit in the background, looking cute? 

If nothing else, he’s going to make a great Disney plush toy…