Splinter Cell: The Movie presses ahead

The best-selling Tom Clancy’ Splinter Cell videogames are making the jump to the big screen…

Tom Clancy is no stranger to blockbuster movies. As the author of the Jack Ryan novels in particular, his writing has led to the likes of The Hunt For Red October, Clear And Present Danger and The Sum Of All Fears. And he’s been fairly vocal in the past as to just how those movies have deviated from his writing.

It’ll be interesting to see, then, what he makes of the next big screen project to have his name attached. Deadline is reporting that UbiSoft is pressing ahead in bringing the Splinter Cell series of videogames to the big screen, that following covert operative Sam Fisher on his dangerous travels.

There’s no studio attached to the project yet, with UbiSoft reportedly wanting to stay close to any adaptation. Where Clancy fits in remains to be seen: he’s an endorser of the series, rather than behind its ongoing narrative. We’ll keep you posted, though.


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