Spiderman 4: Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi on board?

After much speculation, it seems that the fourth Spider-man movie is a goer. And there won't be that many changes after all...


In the aftermath of the third Spider-man movie – which made potloads of money but split the movie-going audience down the middle as to whether it was actually any good, it was increasingly assumed that Sony would go down the reboot route with arguably its biggest franchise right now (007 aside). This was further fuelled by talk that director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire were set to move away from the land of Spidey, and that their deals didn’t cover a fourth film anyway.

Well, it’s a fair bet that Sony has been watching The Dark Knight box office these last few months, as after a period of nothingness, the Spider-man juggernaut is set to burst back into life, with a fourth film heading to our screens in 2011. And what’s more, both Raimi and Maguire are reported to have signed up for it.

It’ll mark a four-year gap between films this time (as opposed to the three years apart that the movies have been thus far), and not many further details have emerged as to the status of the project. It’s reported that MJ will be back, probably with Kirsten Dunst again, and there’s no word on the villain, although speculation points towards The Lizard.

No official announcement has been forthcoming from Sony, and that may stay the case for a good few months yet. Rumours still persist though that it plans to make the fifth film back to back with the fourth…

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