Spider-Man Spinoff Silk In Development At Sony

Korean-American super heroine Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk will soon be getting her own film.

Sony and Marvel Studio’s awkward shared custody of Peter Parker continues to work wonders for both the extended Spidey universe and diversity in comic book films. Spidey-friend Silk is the next Spider-Man character to get the spinoff treatment at Sony, following the lead of Venom and Silver & Black.

Silk was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos and debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April of 2014. Cindy Moon is a Korean-American high school student in Peter Parker’s class who one day just happens to be bitten by the exact same radioactive spider that bit Peter. The bite imbues in her similar powers to her super classmate, including: superhuman strength, Spidey senses, eidetic memory, and an ability to cling to most surfaces.

Unlike Peter, however, she is able to generate her own organic webbing. Somewhere out there Sam Raimi just shed a single tear and doesn’t fully know why. 

Sony is working with producer (and former Sony Pictures Entertainment head) Amy Pascal to get the Silk project off the ground. No writers or directors have been assigned yet and according to Deadline, Sony is keeping any further details under wraps. Still, as stated above a Silk movie really does fit in with Sony’s comic book movie M.O.

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After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 proved once and for all that Sony could not be trusted with one of comics’ most important and most marketable heroes, Sony cut a deal with Marvel Studios in which they would take over creative control of the character while Sony would still foot the bill and reap all the financial benefits. That freed Sony up to take a deeper look at all of the other Spidey-verse characters they have access to and explore potential spinoffs.

This October’s Venom starring Tom Hardy was a natural choice for first spinoff. Projects like Silver & Black, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and now Silk show just how deep Sony is willing to mine to get their own full-fledged comic book franchise.

Ironically, Cindy Moon has already made her own Marvel Cinematic Universe as a member of Peter’s decathlon team in Spider-Man: Homecoming.