South Park Imaginationland DVD review

This recycled South Park effort just about gets away with being a worthwhile purchase...

South Park: Imaginationland

A lot of shows sometimes like to con us poor consumers by doing release sets that combine a few shows together, that you can otherwise get in the appropriate seasonal box set anyway. South Park: Imaginationland just about gets away with murder though.

This release is the edited-together version of the three-part “Imaginationland” which comes uncut. Those not in the know – in the land of South park terrorists take over imagination. Well the nice side of our imagination anyway.

Lollypop people, Care Bears, Ronald MacDonald, Superheroes, you name it. The terrorists plan on breaking down the wall that divides this land with the dark side of our imagination . Cue the release of a host of famous villains (Freddy and Jason, Aliens and Predators). The U.S military get involved, and of course it is up to a couple of our regulars to stop them before they send in a nuke.

Oh and whilst this is going on, Cartman goes on a mission to see justice is served after he wins a bet with Kyle (which means that as the loser, Kyle has to suck Cartman’s balls).

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Happily for us the disc also comes with a few worthwhile extras. There are the odd tech bits for animators to salivate over. For show fans there are the related episodes “Man Bear Pig” and “Christmas Critters.”

What is truly worthwhile though is the commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Usually they are known for doing commentaries on the show episodes that last anywhere between 2 and four minutes. Here they manage to go for over half the cut! It is laudable that they like to stop when they think they have said all they need to say; yet frustrating as at no point do they ever get boring. They talk relevance about the show and also are hilariously funny when it comes to slamming other film-makers and their approaches.

This disc should appeal to completists for sure, but even if you just want to own the box sets, there is still fun to be had here in this special edition, so it isn’t a complete rip off. Perhaps maybe if they included a few more tid-bits it would have been unmissable. But it’s still a good release for a very funny episode/ mini-movie.


4 stars
3 stars


4 out of 5