Solo: A Star Wars Story to Debut at Cannes

A report suggests that the big film at Cannes this year will be none other than Solo: A Star Wars Story...

So far, talk of Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s production, which has seen the departure of its original directors, extensive reshoots and even rumors of an acting coach being shipped in to help its leading actor, has almost threatened to eclipse the film itself.

What better way to shift the narrative, then, than to launch the much-anticipated spin-off at arguably the biggest (and most glamorous) film festival in the world? That’s apparently what Disney are doing, at least according to sources close to Deadline; Solo will reportedly make its debut on the 15th May – a full 10 days before the rest of us see it on the 25th. 

A wave of good reviews more than a week before its release could certainly help Solo, and if it’s true, the act of elbowing the movie into a schedule otherwise dominated with rather less expensive, populist fare could also be seen as a show of confidence by Disney. But then again, it’s also a bit of a gamble: attendees at Cannes are a notoriously theatrical bunch, whether it’s yelling at a film they hate, noisily letting their seat backs slam into position as they huffily march out of screenings, or to cite a moment from last year, outright booing at the Netflix logo as it parped its way onto the screen during a showing of Okja.

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If the screening goes well, then Solo could be greeted with one of Cannes’ lengthy standing ovations; if, for some reason, it doesn’t go down well, director Ron Howard’s heavily-reshot movie could prove to be an awkward occasion, to say the least.

The Cannes roster hasn’t been formally announced, though, so don’t take this as a confirmation just yet. We’ll update you as we learn more, though.