Sing 2, Secret Life Of Pets 2, Minions 2 Confirmed

Get ready for sequels to Minions, The Secret Life Of Pets, and Sing...

Little in the way of surprise here, but Universal and Illumination have confirmed a trio of sequels to their hit movies. Well, confirmed two, and delayed one that had already been announced.

With Despicable Me 3 already heading to cinemas later this summer, be assured first of all that there’s lots more minion action to come. A sequel to the spin-off Minions film, that grossed over $1 billionn, is set for July 3rd 2020. Current title: Minions 2.

Then there’s the previously-announced sequel to The Secret Life Of Pets, that hit big last summer. It was originally due in July 2018, but some breathing room has been built into the schedule, with a July 3rd 2019 release date the new target.

And then, on the day that it arrives in cinemas, it’s also been confirmed that we’re getting a sequel to Sing, which will again involve writer-director Garth Jennings. Sing 2 is due at Christmas 2020.

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Busy times, and lots of boxsets then. Despicable Me 3 arrives on June 30th.