Sin City TV Series in the Works at Legendary

Sin City is being developed as a TV series at Legendary with Frank Miller attached and Robert Rodriguez circling.

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It’s time to prove to your friends you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means killing, and sometimes that means rebooting a whole of intellectual property. Such is the case with the new Sin City TV series in the works! The news broke late on Friday that Legendary Television has partnered with Frank Miller, and potentially Robert Rodriguez, to spinoff the popular graphic novel series and film franchise for a new television series set in the scuzzy world of Basin City.

Broken by Deadline, it looks like the Sin City television series will be a potential continuation of the movie franchise, or at least a blending of Miller’s storylines from the comic books and all-new narratives. Described as an “anthology series,” the Sin City show has a guaranteed first season in place, provided that a network or streaming service agrees to enter into the gritty world of booze, broads, and bullets (yes, that is an actual name of one of Miller’s short stories). The series is set to be executive produced by Miller himself, and director Rodriguez is also apparently close to signing on as an executive producer on the series. It is unclear if either would be a director or the full extent of Miller’s involvement, but one imagines he will have a heavy hand in the writing process as part of the deal includes a separate “hard-R rated” animated series pitched as “a prequel” based on Miller’s graphic novels.

Perhaps the animated series would finish up adapting the short stories the movies never got to, and pave the way for new adventures all over the fractured timeline, from just another Saturday night with Marv to what happens after his dance in the electric chair and Nancy put Sen. Rourke in the ground. Also if this is a direct spinoff of the movies, surviving cast members who’ve played popular characters, including Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson, could potentially drop by for even a cameoing reprisal or two.

Sin City of course became a popular brand after Rodriguez directed the cult classic 2005 film based on three of Miller’s graphic novels set in this fictional, hyper-noir, hyper-pulp world. Rodriguez felt so strongly about the material that he left the Directors Guild in order to list Miller as his co-director on the project. (They mostly used panels in the comics as literal storyboards for the film.) The pair eventually returned to Basin City for the less cult appreciated sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014). And while that movie is a mess, Eva Green’s performance as the ultimate femme fatale still occasionally elevates the material.

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The series will be produced by Stephen L’Heureux and Silenn Thomas.

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