Sherlock Holmes 3: Rocketman’s Dexter Fletcher to Direct

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will return for Sherlock Holmes 3 and Rocketman's Dexter Fletcher will direct.

After nearly a decade between installments, Warner Bros’ Sherlock Holmes franchise will continue. Sherlock Holmes 3 (expect a new title) will open on December 25, 2020. A mere nine years after Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will return as Holmes and Watson.

The star has been teasing his return to the role over Twitter…

With Benedict Cumberbatch now potentially more tied up than Downey Jr. in future MCU blockbusters, he’s unlikely to have the time to flit back to the Beeb for a fifth series of Sherlock. Perhaps, then, audiences will have more time for Downey Jr as the great detective instead? Clever.

While Guy Ritchie made this version of the most famous detective in history famous with the first two films, at the moment, he isn’t confirmed to return for Sherlock Holmes 3. Chris Brancato has written a script (via THR), and Susan Downey, Joel Silver, and Lionel Wigram are producing. According to Variety, Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher will take over director duties from Ritchie. Fletcher also took over directing duties on Bohemian Rhapsody when Bryan Singer was ousted.

For a brief period, it looked like the newly-resurgent Robert Downey Jr. would alternate big screen appearances as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. But for whatever reason, Sherlock Holmes 3 has been a slow starter, while the Marvel movies, well…we all know what happened there. There had been several near-misses over the last couple of years when it seemed like the franchise might be about to make a return, but nothing materialized.

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There’s still plenty of time for Sherlock Holmes 3 to make that Christmas 2020 release date, so perhaps Guy Ritchie can be enticed to return before production kicks off. Meanwhile, this one will face some stiff competition, assuming that Avatar 2 actually opens on schedule, it will be in theaters the week before.