Shane Black’s Cold Warrior Quietly Moves to Netflix

A long awaited Shane Black movie will be available on Netflix.

“Shane! Whatever happened to that film you were working on, Cold Warrior? Jeez, that’s been in development at Universal for… wow, nearly a decade! It’s wild how time flies.”

“It has actually been acquired by Netflix now.”

“Oh! Well, that’s good, they get stuff done over there, don’t they? Great news.”

“Actually, Netflix picked it up last year.”

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“Oh! Oh. Weird that they didn’t really tell anyone. Are you still planning to direct it?”



Yes, Cold Warrior, a project Shane Black has been trying to get off the ground for quite some time, has now been confirmed at Netflix after Universal Pictures sat on it for nearly a decade. The streaming service picked it up late last year, and it’s unclear whether the Iron Man 3 director still plans to helm it. It’s also unclear whether the original script, by Chuck Mondry, will be used to usher the film onto Netflix’s lineup.

Via Collider, who broke the news of Cold Warrior‘s new home, the movie is said to follow “a retired Cold War-era spy who teams with a younger agent to track down a terrorist” and we will be seeing it …at some point in the future. Details are remarkably light, considering this has been in the works at Netflix since 2017, but any further information that becomes available will be sent your way as soon as we get it.

Meanwhile Black’s new film, The Predator, arrives in theaters on September 14.

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*dialogue not based on actual conversation with Shane Black; may cause burning to skin and other areas