Second Taken 2 trailer adds new footage

A shorter second trailer for Taken 2 has landed already. Is still begs the question: why would you even think of getting on the wrong side of Liam Neeson...?

“This man is our enemy”…

Ah, we can’t wait for Taken 2. Liam Neeson is reprising the role of Bryan Mills, the kind of man that you simply wouldn’t annoy in any conceivable way. Not that half of the cast of Taken 2 seem to appreciate this, as they go about their merry way.

This second trailer for the film has appeared quite quickly after the first – which you can read our, er,  breakdown and analysis of here – but it very much conveys the same message. That message? Neeson is a badass. Do not mess with him. We like that it starts out with music as if it was some family drama, too/

Taken 2 is out in October…

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