Sean Lock Live DVD review

A quality stand-up gig from a very funny man: we check out Sean Lock’s maiden DVD…

Sean Lock Live

He crams a lot into his nigh-on 80 minute debut stand-up DVD does Sean Lock. The comedy genius behind 15 Storeys High returned to the stage last year for a national tour, and this DVD was filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo, seemingly the place to go if you want a stand-up DVD recorded.

It’s introduced with a specially-filmed clip where Lock discusses the various ideas for naming his tour, but it’s not too long before you’re into the gig proper. And from there, you quickly appreciate why Lock is regarded as such a strong stand-up act.

His set covers a range of topics. Particular favourites are his suggestions for getting different people in to read audio books (Peter Andre trying Pride and Prejudice is his suggestion), and the genius moment where he suggests putting the concept of Argos before Dragon’s Den.

Furthermore, his contrast of his recycling Marmite costs against the consumption he witnessed in America is inspired (“I feel like I’ve turned up at an earthquake with a dustpan and brush”), and there are several moments where you just can’t help but admire the man’s genius.

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He deserves credit too for his deliberate, extremely skilful delivery, which frequently allows him to set up a story, leaving you with little idea which way his punchline will go (his story about what he was immediately thinking after sex is one very good example). It all comes across as quite laid back, but there’s clearly excellent control of his audience here, and in conjunction with the quality of his material, the end result is simply very, very funny. Perhaps the conclusion to the gig, which we won’t spoil here, is a little more hit and miss (this reviewer liked it, the person he was sat with was less keen). However, this is a strong and extremely funny show, and well worth picking up for the main feature alone.

The disc itself also boasts a pair of good extra features. Lock’s appearance on Live At The Apollo is included in its entirety, and it’s a welcome half hour inclusion, that once more proves to be very funny, and very polished. The other extra feature is a tour documentary, entitled This Is What I’m Like. It runs for just over 17 minutes, and spends time with Lock as he travels from gig to gig. And while it’s become a more traditional extra on stand-up DVDs, it’s still an interesting one.

Ultimately, Sean Lock Live is a quality maiden stand-up DVD release from a very funny man. His act translates to DVD well, and we hope it doesn’t take him long to repeat the exercise.

The Feature:

4 stars
The Extras:
3 stars
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4 out of 5