Scar 3D DVD review

Craig settles back for a slasher pic that leaps out of the screen...

Scar 3D - coming at you in your living room...

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of seeing My Bloody Valentine in 3D at my local cinema. Having not seen a 3D film at a cinema for a long time I looked forward to it and, to be honest, I wasn’t disappointed. A few months prior to that, SCAR, which was also in 3D, came to the local multiplexes. Unfortunately, where I live we have only just had a 3D cinema open (thank you, Showcase!) so I never bothered to watch it seeing it was just a routine slasher movie and, going by advance word, not a good one. However, this morning SCAR landed on my door mat complete with a set of 3D glasses. I popped the disc into my player and sat back…

Joan Burrows is a survivor of serial killer Ernie Bishop (sharing a name with Emily’s late husband in Coronation Street, now there’s a first!) Tortured by the guilt of being his only survivor, she arrives back in her home town to visit her newly widowed brother and his daughter, Olympia.

Olympia is on the verge of graduating high school so she and her friends are in the partying mood. Warned to behave herself by her father (who is in the Sheriff’s department), the school friends have no idea what is in store for them over the next few days.

First to bite the dust is a couple about to go ‘skinny dipping’ in the lake. What is actually the only original part in the entire movie is the guy doesn’t want sex but his girlfriend does. Even going topless for the obligatory T&A scene won’t persuade him. She runs off, he soon follows and that’s the last we see of them.

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Joan keeps having flashbacks to when she survived Bishop. It’s from there we get to see her back story and learn why she is so troubled. Bishop is played by an actor unknown to me called Ben Cotton. Cotton has appeared in a serious amount of TV including Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Woman and Stargate: Atlantis. He plays Bishop with a sadistic edge but towards the end of his appearance he comes across a bit too cartoony and not evil enough. Although I do like his hat. When the bodies start turning up, Joan is suspected of the killings.

Joan is played by Angela Bettis who starred in May and Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders remake. Anyone who has seen those films knows she is a pretty terrific quirky actress. Bettis, however, looks lost in the film as she is possibly the only cast member turning in a decent performance. The rest of the cast are rounded out by various unknowns who, no doubt, will drift back into obscurity after this film.

SCAR has a nice ‘washed out’ monochrome look to it. Whether this is intentional or not, I don’t know, as there are no extras at all on the disc apart from some horror trailers at the start of the disc before the menu. With the film being shot in 3D, surely a nice little featurette could have been done or did Universal simply not bother to get the rights to it? Whatever the reason, this is a poor show!

The sound is your usual Dolby Digital 5.1 mix with some nice subtle effects and suitable music. Good work on the LFE channel as well.

SCAR is basically a bastard offspring of a slasher picture and the recent torture porn trend. The makeup effects are suitably gory and there is one moment even I cringed at. The 3D is of the ‘red and green glasses’ variety. I am lucky as I can relax my eyes and watch a lot of old style 3D without getting a funny head. However, the film really has no cheap 3D gags apart from a couple of times, so I switched over to the ‘normal’ version. The credit sequence has some nice 3D in it as do some other scenes, but it all seems a bit pointless as the film is really a run of the mill slasher film. I wasn’t bored, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want a good old fashioned slasher picture with the all of the trimmings, seek out The Burning, or failing that, just watch the original Halloween again.


1 stars

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1 stars

Scar 3D is out now.


3 out of 5