Ryan Reynolds To Star In Tarsem Singh’s New Sci-Fi Movie

Introducing Selfless, an interesting-looking sci-fi thriller that's set for release in 2014. Ryan Reynolds is on board...

It’s a common complaint that the majority of movie news tends to revolve around sequels, franchises and such like. Perhaps this story might, therefore, be a little more welcome.

It centres around Ryan Reynolds, a major movie star in the making who – despite a few attempts – hasn’t yet found the huge breakthrough role. Whether that’ll come in his next project, Selfless, remains to be seen.

Selfless is a new science fiction thriller, that centres around a billionaire with a terminal illness, who invests in a chance of etertnal life. This works by him transferring his own consciousness into that of a younger person. But, as you might expect, things don’t go particularly to plan, as the origins of the body that he now inhabits become clearer.

Tarsem Singh is directing this one, and it’s now been set for release on September 26th 2014 in the US. We’ll keep an eye on Selfless, and let you know as we hear more…

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