Rush Hour 4: Brett Ratner Still Reportedly Wants to Direct

Brett Ratner is reportedly still interested in directing the next Rush Hour film, in spite of allegations against him.

Understandably, producer and director Brett Ratner has been on the quiet side these past months. He’s facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, and he’s seen Warner Bros sever its agreement with his RatPac Productions company as a consequence of those. 

However, it sounds as though Ratner still has movie plans ahead. And in fact, a new rumour suggests he remains keen on directing Rush Hour 4.

Ratner directed the original trilogy of movies, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. And in recent months, it’s sounded like the chances of a fourth film are growing somewhat. However, the assumption has been – given the aforementioned allegations against him – that Ratner would no longer be involved in the project.

Yet according to a source of The Hollywood Reporter’s, Ratner “has been telling associates the he will direct the fourth film in the series.”

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However, as the report notes, “putting together a movie with him would be a suicide mission.”

New Line, and in turn its owner Warner Bros, is reportedly adamant that Ratner won’t be making Rush Hour 4. But producer Arthur Sarkissian has been given the freedom to develop the film outside of the studio, and Warner Bros will then get first option should he get a completed script together.

We’d be genuinely surprised – and that’s an understatement and a half – if Rush Hour 4 went ahead with Ratner on board. But as we hear more, we’ll let you know.