Rogue Trooper Movie In The Works With Duncan Jones Attached

Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Warcraft, has released a Twitter video indicating that his next project will be Rogue Trooper.

Make way, Dredd Rogue Trooper is coming to the big screen.

Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, Source Code, Warcraft: The Beginning, and Mute has all but confirmed that a Rogue Trooper adaptation will be his next film. Jones teased via his Twitter account a few days ago that his next film would be a comic book adaptation

Like any good Brit, Jones waited until the final whistle of the World Cup final between France and Croatia before uploading the next “clue.” What followed was a teaser video for his next project that wasn’t much of a “tease” at all. For those in the know, this is about as explicit as a Rogue Trooper confirmation gets.

“One for them. One for me. Shall I make a comic book movie? A Marvel movie? Perhaps a DC?” a figure in front of a workstation ponders, before concluding “Yes one from the Megaverse, now let me see. Who, oh who, should it be?”

The figure then removes his hat revealing a very telltale bue mohawk. “It’s that’s not enough of a clue…” the video concludes.

Yeah, that should about do it as far as clues go. Duncan Jones will undoubtedly be working on a Rogue Trooper movie soon, likely as director because uh…that’s what he does. 

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Rogue Trooper was borne out of British comic anthology series 2000 AD, the same series that produced Judge Dredd (“Dredd was great. But no sequel. Pity,” the character in Jones video says). Co-created by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and writer Gerry Finley-Day, the series takes place on Nu-Earth with a war between Norts and Southers raging. With the figuratively toxic war having turned the planet literally toxic, the Southers create Genetic Infantrymen, blue-skinned super soldiers who can survive the environment. 

The titular Rogue is one such GI and he sets out, alongside his three companions (who all exist in the form of “biochips”), to take down the villainous Traitor General.

Rogue Trooper was created in 1981 and was last treated to a reboot in 2013 from IDW Publishing. Rogue has appeared in novels, board games and videogames. This will be Rogue Trooper‘s first appearance in film aside from a fan-made not-for-profit movie produced earlier this year. 

There is no word yet on who will be producing the adaptation, who will be involved, or what the release date will be.