Roger Rabbit getting a sequel?

Robert Zemeckis drops the news that we may be getting Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2...

Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom

Here’s some news that we didn’t expect to wake up to this morning. After many reports over the years that it may be a possibility, director Robert Zemeckis has now confirmed that he’s interested in revisiting Roger Rabbit for a possible sequel.

He was talking to MTV News at the time, and when quizzed about if there were projects in his past he fancied going back to, Zemeckis volunteered the idea of another Rabbit film. Zemeckis has recently completed his motion-captured take on A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, and that’s heading to cinemas this, er, Christmas. But it seems he’s interesting in what new technology could bring to a Roger Rabbit sequel.

He told MTV that “I’ll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability-the digital tools, performance capture – I’m starting to think about Roger Rabbit.” He goes on to suggest that it would be a mix of old and new technology that would bring said rabbit back to the big screen.

He wouldn’t be drawn much further than that, but the fact that he was willing to talk about it at all leads us to suspect that this one might be happening in the next couple of years.

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