Robert Zemeckis turned down Superman director’s chair

Back To The Future director Robert Zemeckis confirms that he did pass up the chance to helm the upcoming Superman reboot. But it didn’t take him long to make his mind up…

With Zack Snyder now firmly in place in the Superman reboot director’s chair, it’s brought to an end a whole host of speculation about who would get to bring the Man of Steel back to the big screen. A good chunk of us would still have had Moon‘s Duncan Jones attached to the film, while it was also, intriguingly, widely-reported that Ben Affleck had turned the job down.

What’s also been revealed now, though, is that Warner Bros approached Robert Zemeckis about tackling the film. This had been rumoured beforehand, and now the director has confirmed that some brief discussions did take place. However, he’s tempered this by implying that the Internet fuelled said discussions into something far more than they were.

He did confirm to MTV that “I passed on that faster than a speeding bullet,” before going on to say, “When they asked if I wanted to make the, what is it, seventeenth version of ‘Superman’, I said, ‘No, I don’t think so.’

To be fair, it would have been tricky to see a director with the clout of Zemeckis working under the watchful eye of Superman reboot ‘godfather’ Christopher Nolan. But it’s nonetheless intriguing to see just where Warner Bros was casting its net.

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Zack Snyder will get cracking on the next Superman film just as soon as he’s wrapped up with next spring’s Sucker Punch.


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