Risky Business 25th Anniversary Edition DVD review

Lucy checks out the early Tom Cruise favourite, that's nearly as old as she is...

I jumped at the chance to review this DVD because it was one of those I’d just never gotten round to watching. After seeing it hilariously referenced in The Guru, Risky Business was on my radar. And despite the fact the film is older than me, it isn’t half bad.

For those that don’t know, Risky Business stars an incredibly baby-faced Tom Cruise as Joel, a teenage boy left alone in the family house when his parents go on holiday. He starts off with good intentions – to study for his finals and make sure he meets all the relevant requirements to get him into college.

Unfortunately, one of his more wayward friends encourages him to start misbehaving. It starts off with a spin in daddy’s Porsche, then progresses steadily from cars to women. After a series of events, prostitute Lana ends up on Joel’s doorstep to give him a good time. However, the last thing Joel expects is to see her again – so when he discovers that she’s stolen something of his mother’s, all hell breaks loose.

Tracking Lana down to retrieve his mother’s prized possession launches Joel into even bigger trouble than he was in before, and soon he has two hookers living in his house and a gun-toting pimp threatening to kill him for stealing his ‘girls’.

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Things spiral completely out of control and Joel is soon in way over his head. But luckily for him, Lana has brains as well as looks and an ingenious plan gets them both back on top.

On the whole, this wasn’t too bad. I had to chortle at the fresh-faced Cruise and the terrible 80s hairstyles and outfits, but once I’d gotten over that, I was able to see it for what it is. Risky Business is, simply put, candy floss for the brain. It’s hardly what I’d consider to be a chick-flick, but there’s no thinking required, no whodunit, and nothing to lean it particularly towards either sex. It reminded me of a more mature version of Porky’s, one that no doubt featured in many movie dates back in the day.

It’s a clever and amusing script, if a little predictable, and the parts were well played. The characters were believable, even throughout the dodgy ‘effect’ scenes; like the one where Joel has sex with Lana for the first time. Apparently, it was so mind-blowing/earth moving/whatever-you-want-to-call-it that the wind blew open the French doors and made the curtains flutter around the couple in what I’m sure was intended to be an alluring way. Yuk.

However, despite the cringe-worthy moments, it was still an OK film. Bearing in mind that Risky Business is now 25 years old (hence the launch of the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD) it was well made and a worthy addition to any cheese-lover’s film collection, even if it’s just for the bit where Tom Cruise dances around in a shirt and pants!

3 stars


3 out of 5