Rim of the World Trailer: McG’s Netflix Sci-Fi Film

Netflix has teamed with director McG for alien invasion sci-fi adventure film Rim of the World.

McG, otherwise known as Joseph McGinty Nichol, has been keeping himself busy, both as a director of action flicks and as a television producer for, up until recently, shows like Supernatural, Fox’s beleaguered, currently on-the-bubble Lethal Weapon, and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, and is currently developing a TV series adaptation of the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger spy actioner, True Lies. However, the fruits of his film directing resume keep heading to streaming giant Netflix, and one such project, called Rim of the World, will be no exception.

Rim of the World, is, indeed, heading to Netflix. The sci-fi adventure film will be directed by McG, set to arrive as the third production from McG’s Wonderland company to make Netflix its exclusive home, following two previous offerings in this past February’s fantasy-comedy, When We First Met (directed by Ari Sandel,) and the 2017 horror-comedy, The Babysitter (which McG himself directed).

Rim of the World Trailer

The trailer for Rim of the World has arrived, showing a kid-cast-led alien invasion sci-fi showcase that, given what it’s pulling from the genre cornucopia, brandishes enough self-awareness and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Rim of the World Release Date

Rim of the World gets unleashed on Netflix on Friday, May 24.

Rim of the World Details

The story of Rim of the World centers on four misfit teenagers stuck in a summer camp, who become unlikely allies when an alien invasion occurs. Consequently, the inauspicious quartet of campers must work together, overcoming individual fears and insecurities, to repel this extraterrestrial incursion, saving the world.

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McG heads into Rim of the World off his previous directorial effort in the aforementioned The Babysitter, preceded by his Behind Enemy Lines TV movie/pilot and a few Season 1 episodes of Fox’s hit Lethal Weapon TV series, on which he serves as executive producer. Of course, McG’s claim to cinematic fame remains 2000’s Charlie’s Angels and its 2003 sequel, with 2006 sports drama We Are Marshall, the (generally maligned) 2009 Christian Bale-headlining franchise spinoff/prequel Terminator Salvation, as well as the 2012 rom-com/actioner, This Means War. His last theatrically released film was the 2014 Kevin Costner-starring actioner, 3 Days to Kill.

With Rim of the World, McG will work off a script by Zack Stentz, known from his involvement with movie hits Thor, X-Men: First Class and Agent Cody Banks, as well as television shows such as The Flash, Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Stentz is also attached to DC’s developing Booster Gold film project, as well as the remake of the 1986 John Carpenter classic, Big Trouble in Little China, which, for the past few years, Dwayne Johnson has been circling as the prospective star.

Besides directing, McG is also serving as a producer, joined in that capacity by Mary Viola, with writer Stentz onboard as an executive producer, joined in that capacity by Circle of Confusion’s Brad Mendelsohn.

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