Richard Ayoade’s The Double set to shoot this month

Richard Ayoade's follow up to Submarine looks to go in front of cameras this month, and it's got quite a cast lined up...

With Submarine winning considerable praise upon its release, it was only a matter of time until Richard Ayoade got behind the camera again. And for his second directorial project, he’s decided to take on Dostoyevsky’s The Double.

He has assembled quite the cast too, with Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, James Fox and Wallace Shaw all set to star. He’s also found space in the cast for Submarine stars Yasmin Paige and Noah Taylor.

The film will give provide a modern spin on the novel, which is set in the 1840s, and will see Eisenberg play two characters. One will be a far-from-outgoing clerk by the name of Simon, the other an incredibly charismatic office worker named James.

The film will begin shooting on the 20th of this month, with a release scheduled for 2013.

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