Return of the Living Dead Part II Blu-ray Deluxe Edition Coming

Deluxe reanimated corpses and tasty brains prove you can’t keep a zombie down in Return of the Living Dead Part II.

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was a classic, no-budget independent film that changed the course of horror history. Its sequel, Return of the Living Dead, showed zombies had a sense of humor. But it was the sequel to the sequel that zapped the franchise back to life. Now Return of the Living Dead Part II is coming out as a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, according to Shout Factory.

“The zombies have returned!” read the official synopsis. “The horror begins again as mysterious barrels bounce off an Army transport as it passes through a new housing development and land near an abandoned cemetery. Mischievous neighborhood boys discover the barrels and open them, unaware of the evil contained within. A deadly green vapor escapes and turns the living into flesh-eating zombies and causes the dead to rise from their graves.

“As these hideous living dead hunt down the fresh human brains they need, man is pitted against man, and the living against the dead. It is a macabre struggle for survival!

Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988) was written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn and released by Lorimar Motion Pictures. Reviewers hated it, and it Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t give it much respect, but it made $9 million off a budget of $6.2 million and spawned three more sequels.

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The Return of the Living Dead Part II Blu-Ray will come with a slipcover that’s guaranteed not to rot for three months after its original release date.

The newly-commissioned artwork was done by Graham Humphreys. This art will be front-facing and the reverse side of the wrap has the original theatrical poster design. Extras will be announced in early July.

The Return of the Living Dead Part II hits the streets on August 14.