Ready Player One: Meet Wade Watts

The publisher of Ready Player One has a video primer on the protagonist for before the movie arrives in March.

For those who may be curious or just need a refresher about the premise of Ready Player One, the hit novel from Ernest Cline with a movie adaptation coming out on March 30, Penguin Random House has created a clever animation that introduces the main character, Wade Owen Watts. In this relatively spoiler-free video, the characters are portrayed by paper cut-outs, but the concepts behind the story are encapsulated for both the new fan and the veteran reader.

The video introduces the protagonist of Ready Player One, whose online alias is Parzival, as he begins his quest to find the hidden easter eggs in the cyber-environment known as OASIS. Combing through ‘80s pop culture, including movies, video games, and more, is key to understanding where OASIS’ creator, James Halliday, may have hidden the keys that lead to inheriting ultimate control of the virtual world. Check out this innovative summary of the beginning of Wade’s quest.

Of course, the quest of the “gunters” goes well beyond what this video explores, but it offers a nice teaser both for the 2011 novel and the movie, which will be in theaters before you know it. There’s still time to read the book beforehand if desired! Wade a.k.a. Parzival will be portrayed in the move by Tye Sheridan of X-Men fame, and Ready Player One is directed by Steven Spielberg with a screenplay by author Cline and Zak Penn.