Ready Player One Leaderboard Contest Offers Three Incredible Prizes

Enter for the chance to win one of three keys that unlock 27 years worth of rewards.

To help celebrate the release of Ready Player One on March 29th, Warner Bros. is launching a Leaderboard Sweepstakes contest that will offer participants the chance to win one of three digital keys that unlock incredible prizes. The studio has even released a new Ready Player One teaser to help set the stage for this thematic contest.

Starting today, you’ll be able to “Join the Leaderboard” by heading over to this website and entering your name and e-mail address. From now until March 12th, anyone who submits the requested information will have the chance to win either the Copper Key, the Jade Key, or the Crystal Key.

The Copper Key is sponsored by Atom and will reward its winner with free monthly movie tickets until the year 2045. The Jade Key will give its bearer 27 years worth of Spotify Premium codes. Finally, the Crystal Key will bestow $300 of Lyft credit a month until the year 2045. Winners of each prize will also receive funds to help offset the tax costs associated with these rewards.

The winner of the Copper Key will be announced on March 19th, and the winners of the Jade and Crystal Keys will be revealed on March 21st and March 26th, respectively. 

Along with entering your information, you can earn additional entries by sharing certain pieces of Ready Player One promotional material via your Twitter account. You will need to use #JoinTheLeaderboardSweepstakes alongside your message for these additional entries to be considered valid, and you will need to first enter the contest via the Leaderboard website before trying to gain bonus entries. You can find the full rules of the contest here

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If all this sounds oddly familiar to Ready Player One fans, that’s because this contest is themed after the one that the story’s protagonist enters. Sadly, this particular contest does not involve entering the virtual world of the Oasis nor will it yield the billions of dollars that the characters in Ready Player One are all competing for. Still, it’s hard to argue against free music, free rides, or free movie tickets for the foreseeable future.