Ready for some more nonsense The Dark Knight Rises rumours?

More rumours and suggestions for The Dark Knight Rises appear online. See what you make of this little lot…

Let’s be up front about this. Our current policy on the endless rumours for The Dark Knight Rises is this: we’re interested in them, we’ll talk about them, we don’t believe them until something concrete comes from the production, and Christopher Nolan, himself. Given that we’re about to discuss the fourth or fifth rumoured villain for the film, it’s a policy we’ve got no intention of changing here.

Because what’s been reported now is an apparent leak of the script for The Dark Knight Rises. We saw a supposed script leak for G.I. Joe 2 earlier in the year that we were able to verify with co-writer Rhett Reese was nothing of the sort. This one, as it turned out, has been dunked elsewhere, but we’re coming to that.

The script that ended up online has been promptly taking down again (although we found no evidence of anyone who had even seen the leaked version), but over at Comic Book Movie, some of the details from it were gleaned. And they do fit with some of the suggestions that have been doing the rounds.

Firstly, it listed the female lead role as Talia al Ghul, which (as we’ve noted before) would tie neatly into Batman Begins. Furthermore, Hugo Strange is listed as the main villain, but he’s assisted by two more characters in his fight to take down Batman. One is Black Mask, who steps in place of mob boss Salvatore Ramoni. And then Black Mask apparently recruits in Killer Croc to be the muscles of the outfit.

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That, therefore, presumably was designed to point to the already-cast Tom Hardy playing Black Mask, but again, that’d be the third role in the film he’s been linked with to date.

Comic Book Movie has since taken the article down, and has subsequently posted a note confirming that it’s all a hoax (as called by Batman On Film, which went to Warner Bros to find out). And, let’s face it, the plausibility of the rumour took a massive hit at the inclusion of Killer Croc, which we just don’t see happening at all. Furthermore, how can you buy that a script from the film, which would be treated like gold dust at Warner Bros, would easily leak?

When we have something solid on the film, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can find the excellent Batman On Film here.

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