Rare Star Wars: A New Hope Blooper Reel is Here

Check out this unseen 1977 blooper reel, which also may also be the best released bit of live-action Star Wars anything since 1983.

Whatever you call it, Episode IV, A New Hope or simply Star Wars, the 1977 George Lucas sci-fi fantasy is a cultural touchstone of epic proportions. It transcends the word classic and instead represents a timeless multi-generational gift. This is why it feels like every nugget of knowledge and trivia about its making has been meticulously covered in the past. But like assuming the Millennium Falcon is a piece of space junk, the movie continues to surprise doubters with its Kessel Run quality surprises with a short real of bloopers that is probably the single best bit of live-action Star Wars anything since about 1983. Recently released and already viral, we now have our first look at some rare, previously unseen bloopers from Star Wars that is sure to leave fans giddy. We even learn of previously scrapped scenes, such as Red 5’s forceful pilot saying, “We better get out of here before that thing goes supernova.” Oh how it did, Red 5, oh how it did. 
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