Rachel Talalay for Tank Girl reboot

The director of the original Tank Girl movie is in negotiations to reacquire the rights to make a new adaptation of the anarchic comic strip...

A new lease of life for Tank Girl? (Rachel Talalay inset left with the original film's star, Lori Petty)

Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay has been in talks with Sony about re-optioning the rights to make a new movie about the anarchic post-apocalyptic comic-strip character.

“I’ve been talking to the studio about re-optioning [Tank Girl] recently.” said Talalay in an interview with Den Of Geek yesterday. “I went in and had a conversation with them, because in order to re-option it I had to make sure they didn’t want to do it themselves. There’s nobody there who was there from the original days, obviously…”

Talalay’s 1995 adaptation of the cult 80s/90s UK comic, though not a commercial success, has gained a cult following, often dividing Tank GIrl fans between the comic purists who deride the film as a compromise on the wise-cracking, tank-driving desert-dweller, and the film’s own legions of fans, won over by Lori Petty’s eccentric lead and the film’s sense of fun.

The making of Tank Girl was a legendarily bitter struggle between Talalay and MGM/UA in 1994. Sci-fi friendly producer Alan Ladd (Star Wars, Alien) had green-lit the movie prior to his 1993 departure from the company and his successors proved hostile to the project. Asked if she was really willing to go through the process of making Tank Girl again, Talalay said: “Only if I could have an option, rather than having to go through it all again with them.”

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“What I don’t want is for them to say ‘Yes, we do want it’, I want them to say ‘Yes, go ahead and option it and do it the way you feel you weren’t able to do it the first time. Everything has moved on, everything is different now and we can talk about doing it again…”

Talalay mentioned during the interview that she would eschew the various casting suggestions doing the internet rounds and ‘Go younger’ for the principal role, casting an actress in her late teens.

Though the studio is willing to grant Talalay the option to Tank Girl and has no other plans to develop a new Tank Girl project, the acquisition of the rights is proving problematic due to legal issues of propriety related to MGM/UA’s acquisition by Sony.

Watch this space for the full interview shortly.