Quentin Tarantino and Hans Zimmer on Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman

Two big names in cinema have been chiming in on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman

Now that most of the internet have had their say on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, a couple of Hollywood heavyweights have been sharing their thoughts on his casting in the role.

First up is Quentin Tarantino who admitted that “I have to admit that I don’t really have an opinion. Why? Because Batman is not a very interesting character. For any actor”. He continued, adding that “there is simply not much to play. I think Michael Keaton did it the best, and I wish good luck to Ben Affleck. But, you know who would have made a great Batman? Alec Baldwin in the 80s”.

Not a bad shout that last one, although Tarantino does seem to overlook that the actor who plays Batman also has to play Bruce Wayne. He’s arguably an extremely interesting character to play.

Next up is someone who’ll actually be closer to the production, Mr Hans Zimmer. And the compose is far more positive on the role, and the casting of Ben Affleck in it. “He’ll be a really good Batman”, Zimmer said. “It’s quite simple, the man isn’t a fool and he’s not gonna set himself up for a fall. He’s a great filmmaker in his own right, he really is…I think he’s become a much more austere actor and I think he’ll make a great Batman … I think he’s great casting”.

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Not that Zimmer was impressed with the vitriol aimed in Affleck’s direction when he was cast. “I think the way he got attacked was unbelievable”, he said. “But you know something, when Chris [Nolan] cast Heath Ledger as The Joker maybe we weren’t quite as big yet and maybe it wasn’t quite as visible, but there was a lot going on as well, that it was a complete miscasting and ‘only Jack Nicholson can play The Joker”. And we know how that turned out…

Batman Vs Superman is in cinemas in 2015.

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