Prometheus 2 Gets New Writer

Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' sequel moves ahead with a new writer...

20th Century Fox is looking at Jack Paglen to write the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Paglen has been in talks for Prometheus 2 for many weeks, but has just confirmed he will indeed be writing the sequel.

Promotheus grossed $403 million worldwide with a reported budget of $130 million, so it is no wonder that 20th Century Fox is moving ahead with the sequel. The film received mixed reviews, but most of the negative opinions came from long-time fanboys that expected more.

Paglen’s only writing credit is the yet-to-be-released Transcendence, which will be directed by Wally Pfister, longtime cinematographer to Christopher Nolan, who will be producing the project. It also stars Johnny Depp.

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Source: TheWrap


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