Production Title For Terminator Reboot Revealed

The production office for Alan Taylor's Terminator reboot has the film slated as Terminator: Genesis.

Despite director Alan Taylor still not officially confirmed to helm the picture, and the casting of heroic Sarah Connor still up in the air between Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson, the July 2015 scheduled Terminator reboot presses along like a dauntless T-1000. And it brings us to the latest bit of intrigue: is Terminator: Genesis the new title? As revealed via Production Weekly’s Twitter feed, it would appear that Terminator: Genesis is the name of the project currently still in pre-production. It should be noted that Production Weekly is a reliable periodical about the nuts and bolts of production work in Hollywood, as opposed to a salacious gossip mill, and they rather matter of factly report that the production office for “Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis” is now open. This would also count as even more concrete evidence that Taylor is helming the project despite current studio language. Keep in mind that titles are subject to change and that the film is still in the early process. There is yet to be word on who will play the new series’ Kyle Reese or John Connor, the latter of whom is expected to feature in a larger part than he did in the 1984 original. Also, Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is supposedly leaning toward his Game of Thrones leading lady, Ms. Clarke, but it could still be the indie darling of Short Term 12 in one Ms. Larson who gets the coveted part. It has also been revealed that Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are also trying to thread a new spin-off TV series into the reboot’s universe as well. The only immovable confirmation is that the franchise will be back…on July 2, 2015 to be precise. 

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