Production Call for a…Jaws Remake?

A new suspicious looking ad would try to indicate that after a shark-y summer, Universal is interested in remaking the ultimate summer movie.

Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladiesFarewell and adieu to you, ladies of SpainFor we’ve received orders to sail back to HollywoodAnd in a remake, see you again.
 Pardon the poetry, but in odd times such as these, it feels like a fitting way to reveal the rumor that is spreading like wildfire across the Internet: Universal is supposedly remaking the 1975 ultimate summer blockbuster, Jaws. I would suggest taking this with a healthy dose of salt and then adding a bucket of chum to it for good measure, but it would appear that there is an ad in search of crewmembers for a Jaws reboot. Placed by “flickfolks” (always a reliable source, I’m sure) the spot placed on Monday reads: