Predators sequel already planned?

The Predator franchise returns to cinemas this upcoming weekend - but could there be more from the Predators in the future?


This weekend sees the arrival of a movie that for a long time we simply didn’t think would ever come. And yet Predators, put together under the watchful eye of Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal, is taking the Predator franchise back to the roots of the first two films, and happily ignoring the mess that become the two AvP flicks. As such, excitement for Predators is high, even if its chance of becoming a massive breakout box office hit is limited we suspect.

However, on the plus side, its chances of making a profit are good, given the comparably modest budget for the film, and that so many Predator fans of old – ourselves very much included – can’t wait to see this franchise back on the big screen.

And what’s more, this Predators might not be all we’re getting, either. For talk has arisen during the film’s promotional tour that a sequel may well be considered.

Firstly, Robert Rodriguez, talking to Movieweb, openly talked about one direction the film could go. The site asked him outright about sequels, and he replied that “There are so many great ideas … Just following Laurence Fishburne’s character (Noland) around in a prequel would be a great movie. Just the tales he tells in this movie alone, I want to see those experiences”.

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Then, Rodriguez told Collider that Arnold Schwarzenegger was indeed being considered for a cameo in Predators, but for a couple of reasons, it wasn’t to be.

Rodriguez told that site that “We did entertain the idea of where could we place him but as we started putting the script together it really felt like we were making our own film and we thought lets not even bother with him showing up and doing something in it. We had such an erratic schedule, we never would have been able to pinpoint like you would need to with somebody in his position”. [Predators was only greenlit just over a year ago]

However, he went on to add that “if it’s received well and people want a sequel maybe in the sequel we can maybe ask him for a cameo.”.

The first hurdle on the way to a sequel however arrives this weekend, as Predators arrives in cinemas in both the US and UK. Our review will be live in the next couple of days to see if it measures up to our hopes for it…