Power Rangers Movie Trailer Analysis

It's been a long time coming, but the Power Rangers movie trailer was worth the wait.

Ever since the Power Rangers movie was announced two years ago, fans have eagerly been anticipating the first trailer and now it’s finally here! There’s a lot to go over, so let’s go in-depth, shall we?

Right off the bat the announcment graphic has the distintive Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers guitar riff. Will this be in the movie?

Dacre Montgomery as Jason. Right from the get go Jason has got some anger issues. Or is he just a troubled teen? Did he cause that damage to the car we see? He lacks the overt red colors of the characters original outfit, but we see a bit here, especially with the red in the plaid.

Jason was seemingly brought home by the Angel Grove Police Department. I wonder if that officer we see is a certain Lt. Stone…

Speaking as someone who’s been to the actual shooting location of the original MMPR school, this is a big change. The school seems to be set in a far out of the way area instead of the suburb of the original Angel Grove.

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Jason is wearing an ankle bracelet. Wow, he’s in more trouble than I thought! What is the deal with this kid’s past? Has he spent time in juvie?

David Denman as Jason’s dad. This guy is not happy with his kid, furious at how much of a screw up Jason is. With a dad like that, no wonder Jason’s having such a rough time. It’s also nice to see that, unlike the original, Jason’s dad isn’t a cartoonish carbon copy of his son. Seriously, go watch the original series again. His dad has the exact same red muscle shirt.

A better look at Angel Grove. This really cements in my head that the city is now more of a seaside town. Those wide open streets? The waves underneath the Angel Grove logo? Plus how gray everything looks, although that could just be the Canadian filming location.

Jason is sent to some kind of Saturday school/detention for “weirdos and criminals”. Breakfast Club much? Fans will already be looking for Bulk and Skull in this scene, as they were well known for being sent to detention, but they aren’t name checked in the trailer and no one obviously resembles them… yet.

Ludi Lin as Zack, who looks like he’s enjoying a snack and the view? Man, this trailer has some surprisingly beautiful shots. Zack is of course rocking his well known black colors.

RJ Cyler as Billy. This is without a doubt my favorite shot of the trailer because it implies something I’ve wanted in Power Rangers for a long time. The way Billy is arranging his pencils makes me think he’s somewhere on the spectrum of something like autism. It’s a great update to the character that also brings more representation to the cast. Of course, he’s rocking that blue shirt.

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While we don’t get Bulk and Skull, we do get a bully for Billy. Right after this Jason shoves him away, giving us the first indication of Billy and Jason bonding.

Becky G as Trini. Not much to say here other then she of course as the yellow shirt. The next shot though…

Trini getting bullied so badly she’s being told to die?! Well that certainly wouldn’t happen in the original show. I’ll come back to this whole death threat thing later. If you look to the left you can see the Angel Grove High School logo, which closely resmbles its original series counterpart. Nice attention to detail.

Naomi Scott as Kimberly. While she lacks the distinct pink color scheme in her outfit, we do learn a lot about Kim here. It sounds like she used to be part of a school team (probably gymnastics) but had some kind of falling out.

Power Rangers Movie - Mean Girls

A duo picking on a soon to be Ranger? I’m not saying these two are Bulk and Skull… But that would certainly be an update.

Next up the Rangers are seen checking out a mountain side with something inside. Is that the command center? With what we see later in the trailer I doubt it. Trini mentions this is a restricted area, so is this a crashed space ship?

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Our first look at one of the morphers/power coins. This is Kim’s. It resmbles the original while having a more overall organic feel.

The Rangers hear sirens and get out of there. Why are the authorities protecting this area? Do they have something to hide? If this is a recently crashed space ship, that would explain why they don’t want anyone near it.

The Rangers display superior strength thanks to the coins, including Jason smashing apart his sink, Billy accidently hurting his bully, and this soda can nearly exploading. The Rangers never had civilian powers like these back in MMPR, but they did in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Nice to see the movie drawing inspiration from other seasons.

On first glance fans may wonder why Billy’s coin has a red color coming out of it. On closer inspection, all three coins are doing this. You just can’t see the blue light under Billy’s hand.

The team goes to test out their powers, with Jason and Kimberly leaping across a ravine. Billy isn’t so sure about it and this leads to my favorite line in the trailer. Jason tells Billy it’ll be a piece of cake, but when he observes Jason and Kimberly using their powers Billy cries out, “THAT IS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE!” He gets in on the action soon enough though. I can already tell Billy’s going to be my favorite character.

The team dives into a lake and swims to the bottom to find… a pocket of air? What could this lead to…

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Hmm, is that the exterior of the command center? Something to do with the side of the mountain we saw earlier? Does the green having something to do with Rita’s staff? The Green Ranger? Time will tell.

Trini and Kimberly posing before what looks like a fight. Is something in the cave attacking them? That pose is honestly one of the most Power Rangers like moments in the whole trailer.

Uh… guy on a train? Got nothing for this one. Maybe Zack training?

Man, Kimberly and Trini are getting all the love in this trailer! The two are running toward what I’m guessing is one of the other Rangers’ car. We then see Jason in the car getting nearly crushed. Something appears to be attacking the construction site. A Power Rangers staple.

Jason and Kimberly getting some kissin’ going on! In the original series their were hints that Jason and Kimberly might have been an item before Tommy showed up. I can almost guarnatee that when Tommy inevitably shows up in the movie universe, we’ll get a love triangle. Maybe Jason and Tommy will end up together. Just sayin’…

Elizabeth Banks as Rita. Well… That’s creepy. She mentions she’s killed Rangers before and THAT has got me interested. It’s a great bit of world building letting us know that, much like the original series, the MMPR team isn’t the first team of Rangers out there. Now did movie Rita kill other Earth Rangers? Alien Power Rangers? Who knows? 

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Remember how I mentioned Trini was being told to go die? Well now she’s also being told to do that by Rita! Nice escalation there.

There it is, the command center! Well, probably anyway. It’s got the sort of star field thing! Lacks the giant towers, but I dig it!

And the first morph! Well, the first one we’re seeing anyway. I love how it’s much more organic and even a little sinister. No stock morph sequences here! If I had to guess (and that’s what this whole article has been), I’d say the morphs will always look like this. Will we hear ‘it’s morphin’ time’? Probably, but we don’t in this first trailer anyway.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but stay tuned to Den of Geek for all things Power Rangers. Not just the movie, but the series as well!

The Power Rangers movie debuts March 24th, 2017.

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