Power Rangers Movie: New Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

The new trailer for the Power Rangers movie gives fans everything they could have dreamed of.

While the first trailer gave Power Rangers fans a lot of clues to what the upcoming movie would contain, this one blows the lid off it. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s dive in.

Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it yet.


We start with a shot of all five Rangers walking. This is the best look (so far) we’ve seen of the suits actually moving and damn if they don’t look slick

Destruction falls upon the city while Jason in suit saves his dad. In the first trailer we saw the two had a strained relationship, so perhaps one of the arcs of the movie is Jason fixing the bond between him and his dad?

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“None of us really know each other.” The Breakfast Club vibes are still strong with lines like this. While in the original series the original core team all knew each other, here they’re meeting for the first time. Perfect for a film version.

A few shots of the team coming together. Jason mentions they were all in the same place at the same time. Is this hinting at some sort of destiny element playing a part?

Billy was the first one to find the coins, which lines up with him dynamiting that rock wall in the first trailer we saw.

The Rangers all fall into a watery cave leading to the command center it looks like. This looks to be after the team is testing their powers out.

In the cave the Rangers all begin to glow their respective colors. Is this because of them exercising their Dino Thunder like civilian powers?

“I’m black.”“What?”“I am.”“No you’re not.”

Not only is that hilarious but it pokes fun at the original series characters having suit colors that “matched” their races (at least in Black and Yellow’s case). Plus it gives us a little more insight into Billy. He looks like he truly doesn’t understand what Zack is saying. To Billy it looks like he’s processing the conversation as Zack saying he is black (as in his race) when he clearly isn’t. This lends a little more to my theory from the first trailer analysis that Billy might be autistic or neurodivergent.

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The Rangers go into the command center and we hear Bryan Cranston as Zordon for the first time. The voice isn’t much like his original and seems like a more grounded take on the character.

There is our Zordon! He’s certainly not a head in a tube, that’s for sure. You can also clearly see they used Bryan Cranston’s likeness for the face.

It’s a different take on the character sure, but it’s a guy in a wall instead of a guy in a tube. It’s not THAT big of a difference. Although… Is Zordon trapped there? Or is he communicating from somwhere else? Perhaps outer space?

“You five are the Power Rangers.” The team can only balk at that line. They think it’s some kind of joke.

Interestingly we don’t hear anything about them thinking the name itself is stupid, so maybe Power Rangers are a legend in the movie version. Something they may have heard of but think it’s a myth. Or maybe they do just think the name is stupid and we haven’t seen the full scene yet.

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And there he is, Alpha! He was apparently expecting more. Have Zordon and Alpha worked with Rangers in the past? What was Alpha expecting?


As we get Trini’s Mom questioning where she’s been, Kanye West’s “POWER” kicks in. An obvious choice? Probably, but I think it works. 

Trini explains to her Mom that her and four other kids found a spaceship. Is that what the command center is in the movie? A crashed/buried spaceship?

These kids react to Trini’s story with “cool”. Does Trini have a bigger family in thie movie verse? Are these her siblings?


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Trini’s mom, after hearing her story, tells her to pee in a cup. Clearly she thinks Trini is on drugs. Also, is it Trini’s mom? Maybe Trini is an orphan and she’s in foster care? Hard to say but the huge age gap between her siblings could be a hint towards that.

Zordon informs the team that, “The Power Rangers were a legion of warriors.” I am so here for this. This hints at some incredible world building for the movie. In the last trailer Rita mentioned she’d killed Rangers before.

So there have been multiple Rangers in the past. A ‘legion’ is also telling. That’s a LOT of possible past Rangers.

Zordon summons what appear to be holograms of monsters to train the kids so they can take on the mantle of the Power Rangers.


Zack gets knocked back by one of the “strong ass holograms” as Billy calls them. It’s nice we get to see more of Zack in the trailer when he had only gotten one line in the first one.

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Kimberly and Billy scramble up a mountain, again testing their powers. Kimberly and Billy had a tight friendship in the show, so will we see that on display in the film?

Also, Billy being on top of a mountain? Please, let him jump high in the air and have Kimberly scream, “Billy you’re too high!” That’s a reference to episode two of the original series, “High Five”.

Over a few shots we saw in the last trailer, Zordon mentions the Rangers were “born for this”. How literal is that? Is this a destiny thing, or just a general “hey you guys seem scruffy but you can do it”?


A nice close up of Rita as she threatens, “I will destroy everything.” This woman is not playing around.

Rita attacks the Rangers in civilian form. If we get a Rita on civilian Rangers fight in the movie? I will be a happy fanboy. Civilian fights are the lifeblood of Power Rangers and we can always use more of them.

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Zordon informs the Rangers that Rita is “pure evil”. While it’s not a shocker, it confirms that Rita and Zordon have a history in this film.

Rita attacks Angel Grove with what seem to be the movie’s versions of the Putty Patrollers. Here they’re all CGI and much more golem/rock like.

Civilians running from danger! Classic Power Rangers.


As the Rangers wonder how they can stop Rita, we get this shot that not only shows off a closer look at a Putty but a different outfit for Rita. Why isn’t she all green here? Does she draw the energy from her staff and “upgrade” herself?

“It’s morphin’ time.” There it is. I had wondered if we’d hear this in any of the trailers but it sounds like Jason gets to deliver the classic phrase first. How does he even come up with that? Does Zordon mention morphing?

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The Rangers all step on these platforms to seemingly morph for the first time. Will they always need these to morph, or will it only be for the first time?

We get some quick flashes of the Rangers and damn, with that lighting? Those suits finally work for me. Helmets still look a little off but again, the right lighting does wonders.

The Rangers landing for what looks like their first fight. Again, the suits look better when they aren’t standing on apple boxes.

The team rushes to fight a group of putties in the woods. Will this first battle be more like training for the Rangers before they have to fight in the city?

Billy delivers a couple high speed kicks. The action here is a little too CGI-y for my taste, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see more.


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Kimberly pilots her Zord with her facemask open. We had seen the open face mask in a previous publicity shot but to see it in a Zord gives me a lot of hope. As cool as the Rangers helmets are, getting to see the actors faces help us to connect with the team better. It recalls how Power Rangers RPM would zoom into the teams helmets during Zord battles.

The Zords stampede down an Angel Grove street. There’s an easy comparison to be made to Michael Bay’s Transformers movies here but so far I dig the Zords. Plus this shot at ground level just makes them seem appropriately larger than life.

Our first non toy shot of Goldar! Not sure how I feel about this one. He’s made out of gold? Does that mean he won’t have any personality unlike the original character?


Zack quips, “that’s a lot of gold.” How does he know it’s gold? Will we see Rita robbing a bank or something in this movie?

Goldar attacks the city as Rita looks on. Is she searching for something? What could it be?

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We get a repeat of the shot of Jason saving his dad we hear Zordon say, “This is your destiny.” Again with the destiny talk. How literal is that? Did someone, perhaps Zordon, choose these specific kids to be Rangers? If so, why?


Kimberly shows off some Gatling gun action for her Zord. Nice to see we’ll be getting some solid individual Zord fighting in this flick instead of a quick Megazord formation sequence.

Goldar takes a swipe at Kimberly’s Zord. I’m reaching for this one, but in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, Goldar mentioned he thought Kimberly was cute. I don’t think this an intentional reference to that, but still.

Jason struggles through the mud. Is this from a climatic final showdown with Rita or Goldar?

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The five Zords take on Goldar. Will the Rangers even know how to form the Megazord right off the bat? Look how huge Goldar looks next to these Zords. These things, like their toy counterparts, are MASSIVE.

“Let’s go, go!” This of course is a reference to the famous lyric, “Go go Power Rangers.” Nice to hear they found a way to integrate into the movie, although I wonder if the looped go is just for the trailer.

More Gatling gun action with Jason and Kimberly’s zords. They’re kind of in a tight formation there. Playing off the two’s romance glimpsed earlier?

The Sabertooth Tiger zord leaps onto Goldar as other Zords do the same. As much as the model work in the original series was great, it’s nice we get these kinds of up close battles where the good and bad guys can be all over each other.


They saved the biggest reveal for last. Our first look at the Megazord outside of the toys. A little Bayformers like, but so far I’m digging it. It certainly looks better than the toy which had some odd  proportions to make the combining element work.

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Jason screams as the Megazord punches Goldar in the face. This one shot is done very slow and recalls classic Kaiju movie action. I’m sold.


As the quick credits roll we get the classic MMPR theme riff. Also, it’s interesting to see these four writers get a credit for the story when we hadn’t heard anything about them before now. Who contributed what to the film?

Whoa, that was a lot wasn’t it? Fans had weirdly started complaining we hadn’t seen another trailer so this should enough to satisfy everyone. Is it too much to hope we don’t get anymore new footage until the movie comes out? I’d hate for anything else to be spoiled.

If you want an in-depth look at the first trailer, head over here

The Power Rangers movie debuts March 24th, 2017.

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