Power Rangers Movie Deleted Scenes Planned For Blu-ray

What will theses scenes include and do they answer any questions?

With the Power Rangers movie scoring big with fans across the world, many are already itching to own the movie on home media. Director Dean Israelite hopes to be able to load the Blu-ray with all kinds of extras. Especially deleted scenes.

“I want to put a lot of deleted scenes (on home media). We haven’t finalized what they are but I’ve offered up fifteen to twenty deleted scenes,” he told us.

When shooting the film, Israelite knew the script was long but was confident it wouldn’t play long. He was wrong. “It played twice as long,” he admits. “I loved John (Gatins) writing and there were a lot of things to explore. Take walking into the ship for example. You’re there and you see the design and you’re on the set and you have all the props and you’re like we gotta make a moment out of this. Think about that but multiply it by every single scene.”

This lead to the film’s assembly cut being three and a half hours long. Israelite managed to get the directors cut down to two and a half hours. The final film runs two hours and four minutes, which lead to the film’s quick (but not rushed) pace. “The pace has come from not so much upcutting the scenes,” Israelite said. “We haven’t made the scenes play faster we’ve just taken out some of the air.”

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So what were some of the scenes and bits that had to go? 

“There’s just some character stuff towards the end of the movie that are kinda speechifying moments where the characters kind of declare, after the campfire scene, again who they are and what they’re struggling with.”

Writer John Gatins adds that he loved a speech given by Jason during the bleacher scene but it, “just had to get truncated. That was a moment where the movie was pacing up.” Scenes with Jason and his dad were also cut.

Gatins also teasingly reveals that more elements of the Power Rangers canon were seeded throughout the film but they were cut. “There was more Alpha and Zordon at times.”

Ludi Lin, Zack’s actor, was saddened “so many things were cut out of the final version,” since he says many of them were essential to Zack’s character. With the deleted scenes, “you’ll understand him a lot more.”

Gatins adds that they had always planned for Zack, “to have a job and this whole world where he’s the provider.” It wasn’t clear if any scenes revealing that had been shot, but it does help flesh out Zack’s backstory.

RJ Cyler, Billy’s actor, recalled one deleted scene from the middle of the film.

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“There was this really cool fight, our first fight in the movie. It was like, ‘oh crap, I’m scared this is the first day of training’ and I run around the edge of the pit and everybody is just getting hammered. It was a really fun scene to shoot.”

Did any of the deleted scenes explain what the hell happened to Billy’s van that was utterly wrecked near the start of the film? Cyler confirms that one did and that, “I ruined Captain Crunch for me that day. The fact they didn’t put that in the movie. They put one little snippet of it and that was just one spoonful. I was like, ‘Dean, I took thirteen spoonfuls to the face!’ All thirteen should have been in this movie.”

One huge element that fans noticed had been cut was the kiss between Jason and Kimberly that had been seen in the intital trailers. Gatins remembers that,

“We kinda scratched at it and then kinda backed off. You kind of see them look at each other a bit and they kind of get to know each other a bit closer outside of the five. We kind of hinted at some things and didn’t fully go there.”

With apparently so many deleted scenes in the movie, does that mean a director’s cut could also be released? Israelite doesn’t think so. “I actually think this (the movie released) is the best version of the movie,” he admits. “I don’t know if there will be a director’s cut. Maybe an extended cut? Absolutely deleted scenes.”

He goes on to tease, “There’s a bunch of Billy stuff and if you love Billy you’re gonna love this stuff. “

Gatins also confirms that he’ll be recording a commetnary with Isrealite to be included on home media.

We’re ready for more.

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