Power Rangers 2: What The Sequel Might Hold

The director and actors give us insight into both a Power Rangers sequel… and prequel!

With the Power Rangers movie having a respectable showing at the box office, of course there’s already talk of a sequel. The show has been on for nearly twenty-five years, there are a lot of places to take the film franchise that could spawn not only sequels but a cinematic universe.

While shooting the movie director Dean Israelite tried not to think about all that, though.

“I just tried to stay true to what the story was and make it a cohesive, full, realized story with realized characters from beginning to end,” Mr. Israelite told me. “I think the world and universe itself we were creating and drawing on is so big that there’s no lack of supply we can draw on to keep expanding the universe.”

Israelite confirms that he’s talked with Lionsgate and Saban about a sequel and they’re hoping the movie does well because, “we loved what we made and we love these characters.” 

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Writer John Gatins would also like to push the personal realationships and personal stories of the Rangers forward, letting those stories take promience while the broader universe of Power Rangers forms around them.

Ludi Lin, who plays Zack, also confirms they’ve discussed ideas for the sequel and that there are clues, “laid in all sorts of canon like the comics or the show. Maybe fan imagination. Creatives pay attention to that stuff.”

RJ Cyler, who plays Billy, says that no matter what happens he wants to Billy to have a love life. “I want Billy to have a girlfriend who is also probably either as good looking or better looking,” he says. “That’s what we need. It’d also be cool to have a girlfriend who’s also on the spectrum also. That’d be so cool.”

When we mention that in the show Billy had an endless number of girlfriends, Cyler perked up. “Yeah! Let’s bring that part in so Billy isn’t just this lonely kid who goes home to Xbox’s. Sometimes he gets a kiss on the cheek. Thank you.”

The original graphic novel, Power Rangers: Aftershock revealed that bits of Goldar were scattered across the city and have been making random monsters and putties appear for the Rangers to fight against. Could these enemies still be appearing by the two of the sequel? The novel also teases that Jason is struggling with being thrust into the position of leader.

A huge plot detail of the graphic novel is that a government project called APEX is monitoring the Rangers and wants to gain oversight over them. Of course the Rangers want no part in it, but the government is already taking the situation into their own hands. They’ve kidnapped two of the monsters the Rangers fought earlier in the graphic novel and are monitoring them. For what purposes we don’t know.

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We have no idea how much of the graphic novel’s plot will impact the sequel but it does set the ground work for a new status quo. That and Jason and Kim do a bit of flirting. Maybe the Jason/Kim romance will blossom in the sequel after being mostly cut out in the first movie? It would be the perfect time with a certain other character making an appearance in the mid credits sequence.

Israelite teases that in the sequel, if it happens, “we want to expand to other characters.”

It’s no secret that the original sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver was mentioned in that mid credits sequence although the characters gender was ambigious. The cast has spoken about wanting the new version of Tommy to be a girl.

It sounds like Tommy will be a big part of the sequel. Gatins confirms there have been “conversations” about how they’ll bring Tommy into the universe. “We’d love to see him enter and mix it up,” Gatins told us. 

He’s quick to add they haven’t had thought much about how they’ll do it, but that it was fun to tease. With Rita having the Green Ranger coin throughout the film, it’s a safe bet we’ll be seeing lots of Tommy in the future.

Israelite also had nothing but praise for Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks as Zordon and Rita respectively and thinks there’s potential for a prequel featuring the two, although is quick to clarify it’s just an idea kicking around in his head. 

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“I don’t want to speak for them but I think there’s just so much to their back-story that we could really start exploring what wasn’t a part of the show,” he says. “It could be an area we go to and have these incredible actors bring something for a prequel down the line. That is the potential. There could be prequels to Mighty Morphin’ and we could continue to expand on things that come after.”

With the tease of Tommy, the backstory of Zordon and Rita, and even the plot point of the Zeo Crystal there’s endless directions the film franchise can go.

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